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All my life I struggled with horrible hair. I never had pretty hair like the other girls.

Finally, I learned to accept and embrace my hair. With today's amazing products I actually love my hair now! Sometimes!

I want to share with all of you how to make your curls as beautiful as they can be!

I always had these amazing curls, I just needed the right product and techniques!

Here are some tips that I learned over the years to achieve great curls!

Use conditioner

Every time I shower or simply wet my hair I use conditioner. Try to find one that is  paraben free and sulfate free.

Do not shampoo frequently

I only use shampoo in my hair once every 2 weeks! It can dry your hair out and curly hair usually tends to be on the drier side.

Do not brush your hair

Brushing your hair will separate your natural curl pattern and cause your hair to look frizzy. 

Wrap hair

I like to wrap my hair in a micro fiber towel once I am done with rinsing out the conditioner. Regular towels can be harsh on your curls and cause frizz.


Use products to style

Figure out which type of product

suits your hair best: gels, creams or mousse. These will give your curls more definition to last all day long.



You can create curls with finger twirling or separate hair with fingers then shake. After shaking or twirling, scrunch up to get those curls going.

Before drying...

Use your micro fiber towel to scrunch your hair more. This will remove unwanted water from your hair and give you even more defined curls.


We all have different types of hair texture and curls. Do what works for you whether its using a diffuser to dry your hair or air drying. I personally feel a diffuser sets the curls better than air drying.

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