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Top Notch Hair Dryer for less money

I was lucky to work with Laifen and review their Swift Special High Speed Hair Dryer. Here are my thoughts.

At first glance, this dryer looks like a knock off of the Dyson Hair Dryer. I wouldn't know since I do not own a Dyson and unless I'm gifted one, probably will never. Why? Because I refuse to spend that much money for it when there are other options for much less!

So let's talk about all the highlights of the Laifen Hair Dryer. The compact size is perfect for traveling. It's a lot of power considering how small and lightweight it is. So you know from now on when you travel you don't have to make more room for a clunky hair dryer and diffuser (for those of you who have curls like me). If you don't use the diffuser, no worries, there are 2 other attachments that will work for your styling needs.

Thanks to their high speed motor (110,000 rpm), the Laifen Hair Dryer will dry hair in half the time of regular dryers. So more time to do the things you'd much rather be doing!

I like to use heat with my hair when using a diffuser. It's not direct heat but thanks to their precise Thermo-Control technology, my hair is protected from extreme heat damage. With 200,000,000 negative ions / cm3, Laifen Swift boosts your hair’s shine and smoothness and reduces frizz and dryness.

At first, I didn't see buttons for temperature control but even better, there are 3 different ring colors to let you know your temperature level. Blue for Cool, Yellow for Warm and Red for Hot. The hot temperature is not so hot that it burns your scalp like other dryers might. For me, the optimal temperature was Warm (Yellow). And of course at the end of styling, the Blue is great for setting the hair. Especially in the humid seasons.

Ok, so I want to talk about my favorite part. I'm sure it's happened to some of you at one point. You are all ready to dry your hair with the diffuser and boom it pops off flying across the room pretty much starting your day off bad. The Laifen attachments are magnetic! They stay put the entire time! It's the little things that excite me.

This next part will excite anyone. The price. Compared to the $449.99 price of the Dyson Dryer, the Laifen Swift Special is only $189.99! That's a saving of $260.00! Think of all the things you can put that money towards. Get an additional $10.00 off by clicking HERE and use code Deb10.

This has become my daily AND travel dryer. I'm in love with it! If you are on the market for a new hair dryer or looking to upgrade your current one to a more modern hair dryer, consider getting a quality one without breaking the bank!

Check out the full review on YouTube, click below!

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