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My Experience with Keratin Treatments and Keeping My Curls

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I thought it would be fitting to start my first blog on Keratin treatments since that is what inspired me to start a YouTube channel. To give a little background, I have curly coarse hair and I have a lot of it! I saw what getting a Keratin treatment could do to the texture of one's hair and thought how great that would be for me but wasn't sure if I can do that and keep my curls. I searched the internet high and low and came up with no results. Pretty much, everyone who had a Keratin treatment wanted their hair pin straight.

I knew I couldn't take the chance of getting stuck with straight hair even for a month. I love my curls as does my husband who would be so sad if I didn't have curls anymore. The obvious choice was to ask my hair stylist, which in the end, is what I did. But I really wanted to see for myself pictures of those who got Keratin and had curls still. I needed proof but unfortunately had a very hard time finding it.

After talking to my hair stylist and stressing over and over how I did not want straight hair, she convinced me that this would be a good thing. It would take away the bulk that I so desperately hated during the humid summer months. She also told me she found a brand that was more organic and would do less chemical damage since I already had dry hair naturally.

I was so excited to get it done but also nervous since I had no idea what my hair would look like. She did tell me my curls will not be as curly at first and I was ok with this. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the brand. I only remember that it had very little burning sensation in my eyes while I got it done and I remember the smell was like bubble gum. The result after leaving it in for 48 hours was at first, scary.

My curls were definitely loose and after a week of getting used to it I had to really work at getting the curls curlier. The thing that made it all worth while however, was the texture that my hair felt. I actually had soft hair. I felt like my hair was thin, not thick. It was amazing. I never had frizzy hair no matter how humid the day was and no matter how much it rained.

This was something I've never experienced. Each week my hair would get a little more curlier but still keep the soft texture. I really liked the way it came out. I would say it lasted 3 months but it took several months to get my natural texture back which was a good thing.

A year later and my hair was getting puffier and puffier. My curls came back which was good to know as I read that it's possible to ruin your curls over time. This was the first time I got the treatment so I didn't expect that to happen although it did cross my mind. Honestly, if my hair remained the way it was indefinitely and my coarse curls didn't come back I say "good riddance". So, I decided I would do the Keratin treatment again. Problem was, I was in search of a new hair stylist at this time. My previous stylist was great but you know when you are on the third or fourth bad hair cut that it's time to move on. I couldn't very well go back to her for Keratin so I had to search other salons. I found one that assured me I would still have curls only not as curly. Sounded exactly like what I had done the previous year. Great. I booked an appointment and during the process realized that this was not organic at all, not that I was looking to go organic. I just noticed the difference because the smell and burning in my eyes was scary. It was going down my throat to the point I thought I might die. Ok, well not exactly but it was bad!

In the end, however, the result was good and once again I had to really scrunch a lot to get my hair curlier when I styled. I didn't care because I just loved the texture. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the brand once again.

Ok, last and final treatment. Another year passes and I decide that I'm going to get the treatment a month earlier so that when it came time for my scheduled vacations, my hair would be more curly then wavy since each week my curls would come back. During this time I found a new salon although I only got one hair cut there, I thought this would be the place for me. They were more experienced in curls than any salon I had gone to and told me about their organic line. This time, I was sure to get the name since I would make another video for my YouTube channel and wanted to share with everyone my experience. The brand was Cezanne. I went in for my treatment all excited since the prior weeks we had the worst weather, rain every day and my hair was nothing but a puffy ball of frizz no matter what product I used. During the process there was no chemical smell at all. Nothing.

I noticed after I was blown out that my hair color was much lighter and she let me know this was normal. After the 48 hours, I washed my hair so excited that I would not have the frizzes again for a few months. The first thing I noticed after removing my microfiber towel was the color my hair was. First word that came to mind - orange. Meanwhile, a month earlier I had spent $300 to color and highlight my hair to the dirty blond, brown color it was prior to the treatment. Taking a deep breath, let's just move on.

I styled my hair as normal and another thing I noticed when I was done was the texture. I did not have soft hair. I did not have the feeling of thin hair. My hair felt dry and a bit coarse. The bulkiness was definitely gone though. My curls were not curly but more wavy. I did not have as much an issue with that part since I knew that came with the first couple of weeks. I looked in the mirror and for a second thought this has to be a joke. It was so hard to get past the orange color but when I did I realized this was the most expense Keratin treatment I had done as of yet. Also, the worst Keratin I have ever gotten. I made my video to upload on my channel, clearly expressing my concerns but at the end of the day convinced myself it was just hair. I know many of you would have called the salon complaining but what would the result be? I found that you can't color your hair for at least 2 weeks after getting a Keratin treatment. And as far as the texture, I wasn't about to get another treatment to my hair in the hopes this one would take better. The girl who did the treatment was so nice and sweet. I am so opposite of people who complain. Sometimes, that is to my disadvantage but I didn't see the point.

Let's now fast forward to 2 months after the treatment. My color is much better thanks to some purple conditioner which I used only a few times. Each day the orange faded and my previous color was coming back. Not exactly the same but acceptable enough.

My hair still gets frizzy when the weather is rainy or humid, not as bad as when no Keratin is in but not as good as previous Keratin treatments. My hair has some bulk to it as well now. My curls are not as curly and the texture is still dry and coarse. This treatment pretty much did nothing. You might look at these photos and think I am crazy and that my hair looks fine. My biggest problem for me is with my texture.

I just feel that my hair looks as it did prior to Keratin on a good hair day. My curls are not smooth nor are they defined as previous treatments gave me. The bulk is only a little less but that is really the only plus. I am not totally upset because I do understand it could be worse. I am sure there are horror stories out there with Keratin treatments.

I do wish it turned out really good mostly because I have a couple of really nice vacations this summer and was hoping to not worry so much about my hair. Oh well, I've accepted it and the fact that I threw away a big chunk of money. Again, this is a lesson learned. I think I need to start my research now for next year! At first I thought maybe I should go in Manhattan to get it done next time but then remembered many years ago when I had my color done at a salon in the city, my hair was pretty much green. What I need to do is get referrals.

If you are looking into getting a Keratin treatment done and want to keep your curls but eliminate frizz and soften your locks, I would suggest asking around and speaking with your stylist. Find out the brand they use and do your research. Although, sometimes that doesn't always work as I did that this time around and didn't read anything negative. I don't blame them at all for my results not being what I hoped for. It happens. Some brands might not work for everyone. She did a great job doing the process. All hair types are so different. It's more about finding the right brand for your hair texture and sticking with it each year. My biggest mistake for not getting brand names. After getting Keratin twice my curls and natural hair came back 100%. I did not see a change or any damage. Hopefully I can say the same next time around!

I couldn't find much to back this up but I was told that you can no longer get chemical Keratin treatments any longer. I will wait and see when I try to get one next year! If that is the case, I do understand as it apparently can cause cancer. That's not a good thing! I guess I can say I got to enjoy the feeling of soft thin wavy hair a couple of times in my life! I am not sure yet if I will get another Keratin treatment again. Maybe something even better will pop up for me next summer. I will have to just wait and see!

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